Koffer Reihe
Differentiation, uniqueness, specialness. Designed in line with your personal taste, the ability to choose and decide for yourself - that’s what luxury means. An extremely wide range of woods, metals, colours and surfaces, from high-sheen to matt, give you everything your heart desires. From materials such as stingray leather, elforyn, oxide or ivory for the checkers, right to the widest possible range of leathers and colours for the carrying bag – Lieb Manufaktur can fulfil your individual wishes from A to Z.
Koffer Reihe
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Stingray - Leather

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The winners in the world of backgammon: With a diameter of 50 mm and weight of around 55 grams, depending on the material, these checkers are real gems. Their refined presentation makes them dazzle on the playing surface.

The discs can be made and plated using any precious metal. The checkers fit precisely into the playing surface. Exactly five checkers fill one row. Six checkers fit precisely beside each other from side to side. This stops any air getting into the spaces between the checkers, and means they don’t bang into each other.

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